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Sling Media Makes Power Play

Sling Media announced two devices that create a network over the electrical wiring in a user’s home, with the aim of providing an alternative to running Ethernet network cables or setting up a wireless network to connect to a Slingbox.

The SlingLink Turbo 1 Port (list price: $99.99 for a pair) connects to one device, such as a Slingbox, and the SlingLink Turbo 4 Port (listed at $149.99 per pair) connects up to four Ethernet-based pieces of equipment.

A pair of SlingLinks is required: One plugs into an AC outlet near a user’s high-speed-Internet router, and the other next to the Slingbox or other device to be connected to the Internet.

The products use the networking specification of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance consortium. Both use Intellon’s INT5500 HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo chip set, which provides an 85-megabit-per-second physical-layer throughput.

Both SlingLink products are available now from Sling directly. The SlingLink Turbo 4 Port is available from retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, and, with the SlingLink Turbo 1 Port following in a few weeks.