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SkyStream, SecureMedia Push ‘PUSH VOD’

SkyStream Networks Inc. and SecureMedia Inc. are pushing their “PUSH VOD” service.

The vendors said PUSH VOD “is a highly efficient alternative to traditional network VOD [video-on-demand] because it eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks by pushing movies to set-top boxes with hard disks outside of peak traffic times.”

SkyStream and SecureMedia are conducting a demonstration at the TelcoTV confab in San Diego Tuesday-Thursday using SkyStream's “zBand” content-delivery platform pushing licensed Hollywood movies to digital-video recorders with content-protection and secure-playout options managed by SecureMedia's “Encryptonite System.”

“The extraordinary popularity of PVRs [personal video recorders] indicates strong demand for convenient, time-shifted content, and PUSH VOD allows telcos to deliver a complete video-on-demand service and HDTV programming to subscriber PVRs over their networks today, at very low cost and utilizing existing network bandwidth," SkyStream director of content-delivery software Scott Dougall said in a prepared statement.