Sky Angel to Spread IPTV Wings via NeuLion

Sky Angel will use NeuLion’s Internet-protocol-TV platform to distribute multiple channels of Christian-centered and family-friendly programming.

Sky Angel chose NeuLion’s IPTV service for the quality of the experience and broadest market reach and because NeuLion’s proven, pre-existing IPTV networks are in production with sizable consumer bases.

Sky Angel plans to transition its subscriber base in the United States to IPTV over the next year. It currently delivers more than 30 television and radio channels to customers across the contiguous United States using direct-broadcast satellite and reaches consumers in homes, churches, prisons, shelters, hospitals and nursing homes.

“We believe the Sky Angel service, using the NeuLion platform, will be more economical than our current satellite system and will provide our viewers more options,” Sky Angel CEO Rob Johnson said in a prepared statement.

IPTV provides viewers value-added services and conveniences such as the ability to set up their own equipment to retrieve programs that have already aired, much like a digital-video recorder, and to use video-on-demand. NeuLion’s multiplatform service allows Sky Angel to reach viewers anywhere at any time, whether through the television, Web or mobile device.