Sitcoms Shut Out of Humanitas

Twenty-three writers have been named finalists in six film and television categories for the 2005 Humanitas Prize, but none of them write television comedies. But in a first for the awards, the Humanitas Prize trustees decided against handing out the prize in the 30-minute category this year.

“We look for stories that find humor without sacrificing the humanity of the characters,” Humanitas Prize President Frank Desiderio said.

“This year we couldn’t find [the minimum] three shows that demonstrated great writing and keen insights into the human condition. Past winners like M*A*S*H, The Cosby Show, The Wonder Years and Frasier lightened the spirits of viewers and shed light on what it means to be human.”
It has twice dropped a category/. In 1989 the loser was TV movies; in 1986, children's animation got the hook, according to Chris Donahue, executive director of Humanitas.

Fox's new drama, House, was the only multiple nominee with two nods.
Nominees will compete for $115,000 in prize money to be handed out at the annual luncheon June 29 at the Hilton Universal Hotel.Frank Pierson, 2005 Kieser Award recipient, will deliver the keynote speech.

The prize, created 31 years ago, rewards writers who make television and film more rewarding.

Among those nominated in the television categories:

90-Minute Category ($ 25,000)

IKE:COUNTDOWN TO D-DAY Written by:Lionel Chetwynd (A&E)

LACKAWANNA BLUES Written by:Ruben Santiago Hudson (HBO)

SAVING MILLY Teleplay by:Jeff Arch (CBS)

 60-Minute Category ($15,000)

ER:“Alone in a Crowd” Written by:Dee Johnson (NBC)

 HOUSE: Pilot episode “Everybody Lies” Written by:David Shore (FOX)

HOUSE:“Damned If You Do” Written by: Sara B. Cooper (FOX)

THE WEST WING:“NSF Thurmont” Written by:John Wells (NBC)

 Children's Animation Category ($10,000)

JAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLEY WINKS:“Waking Thor” Written by:Kelly Ward and Cliff MacGillivray (PBS)

PAZ:“Things Change” Written by:James Still (Discovery Kids – TLC)

TODDWORLD:“Who’s Your Best Friend?” Written by: Pamela Hickey & Dennys McCoy (Discovery Kids – TLC)

 Children's Live Action Category ($ 10,000)

BUFFALO DREAMS Written by: Marjorie Schwartz Nielsen (Disney Channel)

CARRY ME HOME Written by:Christopher Fay (Showtime)

SEARCHING FOR DAVID’S HEART Teleplay by:Karen Leigh Hopkins and Alan Marc Levy (ABC Family)

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