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Sinclair: Time Warner Cable Won't Pay 10-Cent Increase Per Sub For Our Programming

Sinclair Broadcast Group says Time Warner Cable refuses to engage in
any further retransmission-consent negotiations and as a result its
stations will no longer be carried on the operator's systems after
midnight Jan. 1.

broadcast station group said that Time Warner Cable has rejected its
most recent monthly license fee offer averaging 10 cents per subscriber.
Sinclair said the nation's No. 2 cable operator has refused to provide a
financial counter-proposal, effectively ending negotiations. Unless
negotiations reopen and a resolution can be reached, 33 Sinclair
stations, reaching some 8.5 million viewers, will go dark on the
operator's system when 2011 commences.

Sinclair Broadcast Group owns or
operates stations in such Time Warner Cable markets as Buffalo,
Cincinnati and San Antonio.

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