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Simmons Mines FX Rescue Viewer Data

As part of FX Networks’ multiyear deal with Simmons, an Experian Company, the research firm used its “BehaviorGraphics” behavioral-targeting system to analyze the audience for FX’s RescueMe.

Simmons found that a segment it calls “Pop Culturers,” which is dominated by people in their 20s and 30s who “watch an inordinate amount of [MTV: Music Television],” were more than twice as likely as the average adult to tune into a typical episode of Rescue Me, as were the researchers “Film Fans,” “Sarcastics,” “Media Heads” and “News Junkies.”

The research firm also found that Rescue Me fans were likely to be found enjoying dinner and a movie; they were 28% more likely than the average adult to check out a movie’s opening weekend; and they were 21% more likely to have consumed fast food 14 or more times in the past month.

“Simmons’ BehaviorGraphics segmentation system is a behavioral-targeting system that links Simmons’ consumer database to Nielsen [Media Research] ratings to more accurately identify, profile and understand viewers,” Simmons product manage Eileen Merken said in a prepared statement.

“The type of information that BehaviorGraphics offers FX Networks is especially helpful in analyzing new shows like Rescue Me for which no consumer-behavior data are yet available,” she added.