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Showtime Sets Nov. Debut for Reagans

Showtime isn’t wasting any time debuting controversial miniseries The Reagans, which it inherited from Viacom cousin CBS. Showtime initially said it planned to air The Reagans in the first half of 2004, but Monday the pay network said it would premiere the project Nov. 30 at 8 p.m.

The commercial-free Showtime will air the miniseries on one night. CBS had planned to split The Reagans into two two-hour parts. Showtime has not determined the run time because the movie is still in post-production.

CBS scrubbed the miniseries a few weeks ago after a maelstrom of publicity. The broadcaster came under fire from conservative groups who accused it of being slanted. CBS said at the time that The Reagans did "not present a balanced portrayal of the Reagans for CBS and its audience."

When Showtime picked up The Reagans, it said it would go back to work with the filmmakers to find a version that satisfied both sides. It plans to air an on-air forum along with the movie to "provide a dialogue for those who agree and disagree with its content."