Showtime Sets Debut of its First Digital-Only Documentary Series

Showtime said its first digital-only documentary series, Legacy: Bob Hurley, will premiere on Feb. 20 at and via the Showtime Sports YouTube channel.

The free, six-part series, which does not require a subscription to Showtime, follows the potential final season of Bob Hurley, the hall of fame coach who has led the Jersey City boys’ basketball team at Saint Anthony to 28 state championships and a string of nine straight state titles during his nearly 50 years as coach.

Showtime said the series will document the 2016-2017 season via the weekly release of 10-minute segments, with the latter half to premiere in “real-time.”

Notably, Hurley boasts a 100% college acceptance rate for the seniors on the team, but a financial crisis is threatening to shutter the inner-city private school if it can’t raise about $10 million, the network said.

"It’s not just the future of my players I’m concerned with,” Hurley said in a statement.  “Saint Anthony is an important part of the history and culture of downtown Jersey City and there are nearly 200 students at the school who are counting on all of us to give them the educational foundation they need to succeed.  I am hopeful about the future of Saint Anthony but we still need financial help to keep our school sustainable for years to come.” 

“Intimate access and high-stakes drama are the hallmarks of SHOWTIME Sports documentary programming,” added Stephen Espinoza, EVP and GM of  Showtiem Sports. “Legacy: Bob Hurley shines a light on an unsung sports hero and an American basketball institution at a crucial time in the life of both.

Legacy: Bob Hurley is produced and directed by Showtime exec Brian Dailey, co-directed by Luis Krubich and written by Mark Kriegel.

Watch the preview: