Showtime, F.Y.E. Push L Word

Showtime and music retailer For Your Entertainment have paired up to promote the network’s lesbian-centered original drama, The L Word.

In a partnership called “The L Word” life!, F.Y.E. stores will give prime placement to the newly released 5-disc DVD set of the provocative show’s first season. It will also launch a sweepstakes to promote the show’s second season.

Counter signage in more than 750 F.Y.E. stores and spots on their music listening stations will prompt customers to enter to win a stay for two at the Los Angeles W Hotel, which will be featured in The L Word’s second season.

Ads for the show will get prime web real estate on, and Showtime will launch on-air spots, banner ads on its web site, and local radio giveaways of L Word DVDs and F.Y.E. gift cards.