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Showtime and BBC Bring Content to P2P Network Vuze

Peer to Peer (P2P) technology company Azureus announced today the official beta of its high definition Web video service Vuze as well as content distribution deals with BBC Worldwide and Showtime.

As part of the deals announced April 5 Vuze is set to host the U.S. premiere of BBC television series Sorted in HD as well as to distribute Showtime original programming like Weeds, Dexter and The L Word.

Like the heavily hyped upcoming TV/PC service Joost , Vuze depends on a P2P framework to deliver content to users and also requires users to download a client application.

Vuze videos, the majority of which are long-form and in high definition, are available to download for free, rent and as purchases depending on the restrictions put on content by owners. The site displays large media companies like Starz, A&E, National Geographic, and G4TV content right up with self-published content like Star Wars fan flick Reign of the Fallen.

Formally known as Zudeo, Vuze was soft-launched at the beginning of 2007 and has already attracted two million unique monthly views.