Shentel Raises Broadband Speeds, Sets New 150-Meg Tier

Shentel said it has upped the downstream speeds of several broadband tiers without raising the price and has introduced a new top-speed tier that maxes out at 150 Mbps.  

The upgrades, which took place last month and affecting its customers in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland, bump its 15 Mbps tier to 25 Mbps, while the legacy 25 Mbps offering doubles to 50 Mbps, and its 101 Mbps tier jumps to the aforementioned 150 Mbps.

“While it may seem that the speed upgrade happened with a flip of the switch, a lot of work went into this project,” said Tom Whitaker, SVP-cable at Shentel, in a statement. “Shentel invests heavily in our infrastructure and technology. These investments of time, talent and money have enabled us to improve bandwidth and provide customers with faster service.”