Shaw Filters Out Spam

Shaw Cablesystems G.P. said Thursday that its new electronic-mail filter blocked more than 5 million spam messages within its first week.

All of the Canadian MSO’s high-speed-data customers can now select online from four security options to fit their needs, allowing them to choose the level of screening of junk mail that suits their preference.

“This data is telling us that our new e-mail filter is doing exactly what we designed it to do, which is to reduce the intrusion and security threat of spam and unwanted junk e-mail for our customers,” Shaw Communications Inc. president Peter Bissonnette said in a prepared statement.

“According to some estimates, unwanted spam now accounts for more than one-half of all e-mail traffic,” he added. “However, at Shaw, we're finding that only 8% of e-mails sent to Shaw e-mail accounts are being flagged as spam -- well below the usual standard.”