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Sharon Osbourne Returns to Work

Sharon Osbourne is back at work after spending one month in England with he husband, rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

Osbourne left the U.S. in early December after her husband seriously injured himself in an all-terrain vehicle accident at the couple’s estate in England.

Although gone for a month, Osbourne only missed two weeks of taping Warner Bros.’ The Sharon Osbourne Show because of a pre-planned hiatus for the holidays. On Thursday, Osbourne will tape two shows to air next Monday and Tuesday. Guest hosts—including her kids, Kelly and Jack—filled in while Osbourne was away, but the show’s ratings suffered in her absence.

Warner Bros. is working hard on getting the show renewed for next season, but no final decision has been made. Warner Bros. needs to get launch group, Tribune, to sign off on Sharon’s renewal and that station group still has not decided what it’s going to pick up for daytime for next year.