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Shadlen clients want out

TV newspeople represented by the late Conrad Shadlen are objecting to their
continued representation by his firm, with litigation possible from both

The broadcasters have been told that Shadlen's death in April did not end
their relationship with The Conrad Shadlen Corp., now run by Shadlen's
sister and corporation president Wendy Roberts.

Rob Jordan -- who has worked for agent Ken Lindner and now runs his own talent
agency -- has been hired by the corporation to serve the clients.

It's no reflection on Jordan's ability, the clients saud, but they want to
pick their own representation.

The talent agreements are tough to break, and they require fees to be paid on all
extensions, renewals and substitutions of any contract negotiated by
Shadlen Corp.

"It's like Conrad is reaching beyond the grave to control my professional
life," one client said. "To get out of this relationship, I would have to leave
[my present employer], which would be ludicrous."

Clients have been told by attorneys hired by Roberts that the contracts will
be enforced, prompting some to get attorneys of their own.

Shadlen had three other client representatives working for him in the late
1990s until all went their separate ways.

One purchased the bulk of Shadlen's practice, leaving him with a handful of