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SGI bows compact VOD, streaming server

Putting its advanced 'NUMAFlex' modular-computing design into a smaller
package, Silicon Graphics Inc. has introduced a new server and storage system
for video-on-demand and streaming-media professionals.

For $24,000, the new 'Origin 300' server holds two or four 64-bit processors,
up to 4 gigabytes of memory and two disk drives in 3.5 inches of rack space. Its
predecessor, the 'Origin 3000,' takes up about twice that.

The 'TP900,' at $6,000, is a new addition to SGI's 'Total Performance'
product line of disk-based storage systems. It supports eight 73-GB SCSI (small
computer system interface) drives for up to 584 GB of storage, according to the
company. Data throughput is said to be in the 320-megabit-per-second