Sex and The Console

The final season of Sex and the City has already spun off one sequel: New York City post-production facility Soundtrack Film & Television has added a second Euphonix 5-F digital film console, which was used for the HBO hit.

"The Euphonix System 5 fit the bill offering the highest sound quality the first time around, so we knew it would take care of our needs for our second purchase," says Soundtrack Mixing Engineer Bob Chefalas. "We needed a console that could perform in multiple mix environments, whether it's a complex TV show like Sex and the City
, a 5.1 DVD mix, or a feature film requiring a two-man mixing console."

The second system will be up and running this month. It will have 64 faders and 260 channels and has room for dual operators. As for specific features, Chefalas noted that the SnapShot recall of surface layouts makes the console easy to work with.

"The other main reasons we chose it are the sound of the EQ and Dynamic processors and the excellent visual feedback," he says.

The console is currently in version 2.5 of its software. Features include hot-swappable redundant processing modules and cards, which automatically take over in the event of a DSP or control failure. On-screen diagnostics, a modular post-production panel for easy access to bus/playback film-monitor controls, and a producer's desk option, including a 16:9 format screen for monitoring external video sources are also available.