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Self-Service Data Marketplace Launched by Tru Optik

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Tru Optik is opening its data marketplace directly to brands and agencies interested in targeting ads running in online media, including connected TV, streaming audio and gaming.

The marketplace should make it easier for advertisers to access the data they need as they jump into CTV to reach cord cutters.

TransUnion, Oracle, Kantar, Comscore, NCSolutions and IHS Markit are among the providers whose data will be available via the self-service platform.

Tru Optik said it has dozens of premium publishers as partners, as well as some of the industry’s top ad tech platforms.

“We were the first to launch a Data Marketplace for Connected TV four years ago.  We were the first to launch a Data Marketplace for smart speakers two years ago. Last year, we were the first to launch a Data Marketplace for gaming consoles,” said Andre Swanston, Tru Optik CEO & Co-Founder.  “Now, we are excited to be the first to power a consistent, scalable way to leverage both third-party and first-party data across the entire Connected Media ecosystem. By doing so, we are democratizing access to data-driven targeting across the fastest growing mediums in advertising.”

Data in Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace is refined for optimal performance across connected TV, streaming audio and in-game advertising.

By using its marketplace, Tru Optik said advertisers can achieve massive scale, accuracy, privacy compliance and enhanced speed. 

Tru Optik Audience Engineers provide free, unbiased segment recommendations and audience planning advice from premium data providers across a variety of audience verticals including auto, B2B, CPG, demographics, finance and political.  

Tru Optik said it is also waiving all data marketplace access fees and usage minimums to further democratize access to the data. This means agencies, brands, publishers and platforms of all sizes will be able to more easily activate audience data across the connected media ecosystem.

“As consumers are shifting their viewing to OTT, media buyers are increasingly utilizing data to drive advertising efficiency,” added Kristen Williams, VP of Strategic Partnerships, SpotX. “The enhancements to Tru Optik's Data Marketplace will give SpotX and our clients an even greater ability to leverage audience data on the supply side at scale with speed."

“Comscore consumer digital audience and TV viewing information has been widely used by advertisers across both OTT and streaming audio through Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace,” added Carol Hinnant, chief revenue officer at Comscore. “As we continue to empower brands and agencies across their omnichannel marketing efforts, we look forward to leveraging the Data Marketplace’s new capabilities to continue our expansion into gaming.”