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Second Presidential Debate Generates 62 Million Social Interactions

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump drew the most U.S. social media interactions related to a TV show on Facebook and Twitter Sunday night (Oct. 9) during the second televised debate, according to Nielsen Social.

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Trump was mentioned in Tweets 5.5 million times and Clinton only 2.1 million times, but there was arguably more to talk about on the Trump side given the recent revelations about a tape from an Access Hollywood pre-segment conversation between Trump and Billy Bush.

In all, there were a whopping 62 million social media interactions on Facebook and Twitter from 18.2 million people in the U.S. Each Tweeter interacted an average of seven times about the debate. Facebook saw 47.2 million interactions, 63% of which were by women or girls.

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Interactions are defined as social media posts related to a linear TV episode plus follow-up engagement with those posts.

Interestingly, the online activity id not peak early in the debate during talk about the tapes or Clinton's e-mails, but instead between 10 p.m. and 10: 14 p.m. when the candidates were talking about taxes and Syria.