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SeaChange Testing New VOD Ad Placement

SeaChange International Inc. has updated its advertising capabilities for video-on-demand systems with a new ad-placement system that integrates with cable operators' current ad-sales operations.

The vendor’s "Ad Management" component allows for centralized control over ad placement so that MSOs can set up rules and targeting instructions for disparate spots stored in digital-video ad libraries. For instance, ads aimed at families can be streamed from the library when children's programming is accessed on the VOD menu.

Task controllers automatically transcode the appropriate spot to the specifications of the VOD system and execute insertion orders into VOD programming, SeaChange said.

The vendor added that spots, promos and bumpers can be update to coincide when VOD programmed is accessed. The system allows advertising to be customized by household, giving advertisers a better return on their investment.

SeaChange is currently testing the system, and the company will showcase it next month at the National Show in New Orleans.