SeaChange, Softbank Are Playing Games

SeaChange International Inc. was able to merge Softbank Broadmedia Corp.’s streaming-games technology into its video-on-demand platform, the two companies said Friday.

The successful integration enables the delivery not only of Javascript and DVD games, but also PC and console titles.

The two companies’ solution takes advantage of Softbank's "G-cluster" real time, server-based games-processing and encoding technologies for PC and console titles to complement Javascript and DVD-formatted game content enabled by SeaChange's “VODlink” set-top software.

"Through our collaboration with SBBM's G-cluster, SeaChange will bring the hottest games to digital-cable subscribers and further differentiate burgeoning worldwide on-demand television services," said George Breen, president of SeaChange’s Digital Video Arts subsidiary, in a prepared statement.

"Our co-development efforts enable broadband providers to easily tap into a huge, new market and to redefine on-demand television and the set-top experience,” he added.