SeaChange Rolls Out HD ‘VOD Recording System’

SeaChange International Inc. Wednesday introduced its “VOD Recording System 2.0,” which enables cable operators to automatically record and store HDTV fare, as well as standard-definition analog and digital broadcasts, for on-demand viewing.

The company described its Recording System as a “set-and-forget” extension of its “SeaChange VOD System.” Data entry is minimized via “point-and-click” graphical user interfaces, and the software automates the entire process, from capturing the video content from broadcast sources, generating Cable Television Laboratories Inc.-compliant VOD metadata from television-schedule information and propagating files to servers.

“High-definition productions are on the rise, and cable operators can extend the value and reach of broadcast sports, series, news and other content through on-demand services," SeaChange vice president and general manager of broadband systems James Kelso said in a prepared statement.

“Already proven in dozens of markets, our Recording System easily brings broadcast programming into the on-demand realm,” he added. “Now with HD recording and our VOD System’s ability to insert new ads and promotions, cable operators will extend the value of any local and network programming."