SeaChange Introduces ‘QuickSilver’

SeaChange International Inc. rolled out some new gear at the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau's Local Sales Management Conference in Chicago.

The vendor unveiled new high-density inserters, a content-preparation work station and a digital-cue-tone solution which will enable cable advertising managers to deal with disparate analog, HD and video-on-demand placements, while minimizing operational complexities and expenditures.

SeaChange said its “QuickSilver Input Workstation” uses industry-standard high-grade encoders to convert taped content into a standard MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) format, create supporting metadata and manage content transfer to ad-insertion and VOD systems, while ensuring on-air video and audio quality.

“Our customers' challenge is no longer simply to determine which channels to make ready for local ads, but how to work efficiently with simulcast channels, extend their reach to high-definition and get set for on-demand ads," SeaChange vice president and general manager of broadband systems James Kelso said in a prepared statement.

“While the transition to all-digital operation is inevitable, SeaChange's advertising customers can secure new ad revenues without disrupting current business, while recovering capital investment in less than two years,” he added.