SeaChange On-Demand Ad System Hits Market

Video-on-demand (VOD) supplier SeaChange International says it has begun shipping its AdPulse On Demand Advertising System, which it is demonstrating at the Cable Advertising Bureau convention in Atlanta this week.

AdPulse is designed to integrate with cable operators' VOD platforms to insert advertisements into on-demand streams and splice in fresh ads at the moment that subscribers order their on-demand programs.  Ad assets are managed entirely separately from program assets, allowing for frequent updates of the commercial inventory.  AdPulse also includes targeting based on geography, demographics, psychographics and viewing characteristics, says SeaChange. Advertisers can define their targeting parameters in advance, and the AdPulse system then inserts the appropriate ad based on the set-top ID of the subscriber requesting an on-demand asset.
"With the solution SeaChange is shipping today, operators will provide access to on-demand television's built-in audience of millions with accuracy and relevance never before achievable," says Terri Swartz, director of advanced advertising, SeaChange.