SeaChange, CMC Test VOD Ad-Insertion

SeaChange International and Comcast Media Center are testing the vendor's AdPulse On Demand ad-insertion solution on the CMC video-on-demand content-distribution platform, with the participation of cable operator Sunflower Broadband and VOD content provider HealthiNation.
CMC said that once field-testing has been completed, the solution will let cable programmers and MSO customers dynamically insert ads into VOD content on a national basis. "We are working with SeaChange to provide a rigorously tested and standards-driven solution that will allow cable programming networks and system operators to reap the benefits of the on-demand advertising greenfield," CMC chief operating officer Gary Traver said.
In 2006, Sunflower Broadband, based in Lawrence, Kan., launched SeaChange's AdPulse system to dynamically insert local ads, and tested a spot with Paramount Pictures in partnership with MTV Networks.
"Sunflower Broadband has been successfully using dynamic VOD advertising for the past three years on its local content platform," Sunflower general manager Rod Kutemeier said. "We're excited to be a part of this test using a national on-demand platform, which we hope demonstrates that using this advanced technology enhances the business model for on-demand and makes our customers' viewing experience more personalized and relevant."
CMC's VOD distribution platform reaches more than 35 million VOD-enabled households across the U.S.
Separately, Comcast's Jacksonville, Fla., system earlier this summer began testing out BlackArrow's dynamic-advertising VOD system. Initially, Comcast is inserting promos for PBS Kids Sprout and FearNet, two networks in which it holds an ownership interest, into VOD content from those programmers.
Meanwhile, SeaChange also is working with VOD distributor Avail-TVN on a solution that would let cable operators insert ads dynamically into on-demand content.