SeaChange Adds Flash To Cablevision Mexico

SeaChange International said Cablevision Mexico has made the world's first deployment of the vendor's flash-memory video-on-demand storage and streaming technology.

Cablevision, the largest cable operator in Mexico, last month added SeaChange MediaServer Flash Memory Streamers, which added onto existing SeaChange disk-based servers and Axiom software.

Overall, flash memory requires one-tenth of the power of disk-based servers, SeaChange said.

Cablevision had set a goal of increasing its content library to 14,000 hours of movies and television programs for on-demand viewing, and its CEO, Jean Paul Broc, said in a release: "On-demand has driven Cablevision's digital uptake at a remarkable clip, so we've been very aggressive about growing our library and streaming capabilities to meet subscriber expectations. We identified flash memory as the very means to help us stay on target and on budget. Once again, SeaChange was in the position to bring pragmatic innovation to market first."