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SCTE/ISBE, NCTC Team on Training

The SCTE/ISBE and the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) have forged a partnership that will bring the SCTE/ISBE’s technology training to the workforces of independent operators that are part of the co-op.

Under the agreement, SCTE/ISBE will provide NCTC members with discounted prices for all online training courses, including those that are included in the organization’s CORTEX Expert Development System, which has been tailored for the industry’s technical workforce.

The organizations will also support “promotional opportunities” that highlight the benefits of the training and work together on other events and projects.

“SCTE/ISBE has always been a key provider of training for our industry,” said Rich Fickle, president and CEO of NCTC, in a statement. “We believe that our ability to help technology workforces access SCTE•ISBE learning and development resources can help improve business results for our member companies.”

“Through alliances with organizations within and outside of the industry, we’re leveraging SCTE/ISBE programs to drive real benefits for the cable telecommunications community,” added Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE/ISBE.  “Our partnership with NCTC will enable positive outcomes for NCTC members via educational resources that have been developed in direct collaboration with the operator community, and that have been proven to improve service quality, increase subscriber satisfaction, and generate value.”