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SCTE/ISBE Connects With NAFA on Fleet Management, Energy Consumption

SCTE/ISBE and the NAFA Fleet Management Association have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will look to increase energy efficiency in vehicle fleets of cable system operators and NAFA members.

Under the MOU, they’ll  promote professional development and standardization of operational practices in the fleet management field, and will collaborate on the development of new training and benchmarking material that can identify and remedy inefficient practices.

SCTE/ISBE said the establishment of more efficient fleet practices tied into the goals of its Energy 2020 program, which is developing a new operational practice called SCTE 225 2015: Cable Operator Fleet Maintenance and Vehicle Selection Operational Practice.

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“Our two associations share a common vision of reducing energy consumption in our members’ vast fleets of vehicles,” said Phil Russo, CEO of NAFA, in a statement. “This MOU will enable us to provide real benefit to the cable industry and the communities it serves by paving the way for the institution of procedures and our Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program that can reduce fuel consumption, costs and emissions.” 

“Clearly, no organization has as much experience as NAFA when it comes to managing fleet,” added Chris Bastian, senior vice president and CTO of SCTE/ISBE. “By collaborating more closely, we can expand the impact of our current inventories of training and best practices and can draw on each other’s experiences to create new opportunities to achieve our energy-efficiency targets.”