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SCTE Plugs ‘Cable Power Innovators’ Exhibit

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers said it will erect an exhibit at next week’s Cable-Tec Expo in New Orleans to highlight the progress of its SCTE 2020 initiative, and complement that with a special 90-minute session, demos and workshops that also tie into the project.

The “Cable’s Power Innovators” exhibit, which showcase specific operator-vendor milestones in reducing energy cost and consumption, will be located at SCTE Central, the “gateway” to the show floor. 

Exhibit displays and demos will include:

-Comcast’s deployment with Bloom Energy of a power plant at a headend in Berlin, Conn., that uses the company’s solid oxide fuel cell and building on fuel cell technology invented by William Robert Grove.

-Cox Communications’ corporate-wide cable facility deployments of solar power with partners such as Velo Solar, an implementation of the photoelectric effect for which Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

-Liberty Global/Ziggo’s work on edge facility innovation through the efficiencies of Phase Change Material (PCM) with Tizzon in the Netherlands, extending from Lord Kelvin’s laws of thermodynamics.

-Time Warner Cable’s deployment with Casa Systems of CCAP (converged cable access platform) architectures that boosts efficiency across 25 hubs in New York City.

-Proof-of-concept demos of the Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification (APSIS) that defines software interfaces allowing allow energy measurement and optimization applications to command and control devices within a service delivery pipeline.

-SCTE’s coordination of the elements of energy management under the Energy 2020 umbrella.

The exhibit will also be home to a combined display featuring fleet optimization case studies, including Comcast and Knapheide’s vehicle enhancements through up-fitting and weight reduction; Time Warner Cable and Derive Systems’ vehicle performance improvements through software; and Liberty Global’s Virgin Media and Fleetmatics’ fleet tracking and routing management.

SCTE will also present updates on Energy 2020 next Thursday (October 15)  during a separate 90-minute session that gets underway at 11 a.m. CT (room 283). During that session, former NASA astronaut John B. Herrington, the first enrolled member of a Native American tribe to fly in space, will speak on "NASA innovation, technology, next-gen and eye on the future.

SCTE said featured energy case studies will be available on the SCTE Energy 2020 Web site next week just prior to the event.

Introduced last year, SCTE Energy 2020 has identified targets that include a 20% reduction of power consumption on a unit basis, a 25% reduction in energy costs on a unit basis, a 10% reduction of grid dependency and an optimization of technical facility and data center footprints by 20%

“In the 12 months since we launched Energy 2020 at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014, the program is beginning to hit its stride as an incubator of new energy solutions for the industry,” said John Schanz, executive vice president and chief network officer for Comcast Cable and co-chair of the Energy 2020 program.  “Expo 2015 is a tremendous occasion to highlight the many achievements of our talented Energy 2020 team, and to discuss the opportunities that are ahead to achieve double digit percentage reductions in energy cost and consumption.”

“In order to successfully drive change, all players in the supply chain need to work together to keep energy efficiency front of mind during every stage of the product design and development process,” added Balan Nair, executive vice president and chief technology officer for Liberty Global and fellow co-chair of Energy 2020. “Expo 2015 offers a great opportunity to share best practice, evaluate the progress we’ve made so far and at the same time reflect on the areas where there is still room for further improvement.”