Scripps Nets Prepped For IPTV

Scripps Networks is readying its content for IPTV (internet protocol TV), the next-generation distribution method that companies like SBC and Verizon will use to offer more channels and personalized content.

The company has signed a deal with Broadstream, which converts regular TV material into IPTV-ready content (IPTV delivers content to viewers in digital data packets). The company also will maintain the live programming streams and equipment installed at the IPTV distribution provider's plant.

Broadstream can also help deliver content over the Internet and deliver a programming guide to all the content available.

By using IPTV, Scripps plans to give viewers access to more channels and content.

Unlike traditional TV services, which require enough bandwidth to deliver all the channels all the time, IPTV only needs enough bandwidth to deliver one channel at a time.

That means that companies like SBC that don't have the broad delivery pipes cable operators have can offer video services. On the other hand, IPTV holds benefits for those with the big pipes as well, since the technology can be used to add more VOD services.