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Scripps: More TV Everywhere Deals to Come

Scripps Networks Interactive chairman and CEO Ken Lowe said
he expects to sign on more TV Everywhere deals in the next 18 to 24 months for
his channels, but stressed that effective ratings measurement is needed for the
service to proliferate.

Scripps signed a comprehensive carriage deal - including TV
Everywhere - with Comcast in July
and Lowe said the networks have similar deals with about 60% of its
distributors. He added that Scripps channels, especially Food Network, can
benefit from TV Everywhere deals because it could prolong the time that viewers
watch its shows as they take their tablets or smartphones into the kitchen as
they cook.

"It probably is going to give us an opportunity to have
longer viewing periods, we could actually see more ratings because you've got
multiple uses of devices throughout the home as opposed to just one stationary
TV screen," Lowe said at the Citigroup Global Internet, Media and
Telecommunications conference in Las Vegas. "We're very positive about the
future of TV Everywhere. But I do think it is incumbent on the industry - we
have got to get the measurement right as quickly as possible."

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