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Scorsese to Pen Monthly DirecTV Column

Scorsese to Pen Monthly DirecTV Column

Acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese has a new gig: Starting in September he will start writing a monthly column on movies exclusively for On DirecTV, the satellite provider’s monthly magazine and program guide.

DirecTV’s subscribers will get access to “Scorsese’s detailed and intimate insight as he highlights, critiques and explores selected films that shaped the face of modern cinema as well as those that had an impact on his trademark style and vision,” the company said Wednesday.

Scorsese each month will get an advance look at DirecTV’s offering of films and so he can offer his insight on “those he feels are overlooked, underappreciated or simply in need of a fresh perspective.”

The idea for the monthly column came about when the director wrote DirecTV earlier this year, recommending enhancements to the movie-review system so that viewers could get a better idea of the full range of choices available to them, according to the satellite company. DirecTV promptly offered Scorsese the opportunity to write the monthly column.

“As an early and enthusiastic supporter of DirecTV, I’m very excited to be working with them on this column for On DirecTV,” Scorsese said in a prepared statement. “No one can know or even guess what movie will inspire a budding film director, writer, actor, novelist or painter.They have to find it for themselves. But they also have to know roughly what to look for and where to look for it.Through DirecTV, we’re fortunate to have a vast range of choices when it comes to watching films on television, from all places and time.”