Science Channel Rebranding As Science

Discovery Communications is rebranding its Science Channel
as Science, with a new logo and a new on-air look debuting on the network on
June 8 in conjunction with the season two premiere of Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman.

The interactive logo, called "Morph," will change shape,
texture and sound to represent "the potential of the future while displaying a
willingness to reshape current reality."

Dropping "Channel" from the network name was done to better
reflect the new programming launched in the first quarter like An Idiot Abroad
and Firefly that are on the edges of science, says Debbie Adler Myers, executive
VP and general manager of Science.

"We've been crafting programming that takes science out of
the box and pushes the edges to all the cool subcultures of science, and it's
been working, it's been 16 months of hits," Myers told B&C. "So it was time to rebrand the network to what the
programming reflected and the multiplatform spirit that we do. What you're
seeing in the new logo, in the new filter on air is the dedication to the core
of Science, but really redefining what science means and stretching the brand."

Science is carried in 68 million homes.