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Sci Fi shutters Farscape

Fans of Sci Fi Channel's Farscape should relish the 11 new episodes
coming in January because they will be the last. Sci Fi has decided not to
produce any future episodes beyond the show's fourth season.

"Farscape has been unable to grow beyond its core fan base. That,
coupled with the extreme and growing cost of production, has led to the
difficult decision to end the series," the network said in a prepared statement.

Last year, Farscape averaged a 1.4 rating with 1.6 million viewers. That
dipped to a 1.2 rating and 1.5 million viewers for new episodes this year.

Loyal Farscape fans are distraught. Farscape devotee Shelley
Goodge, who runs a Web site dedicated to the series, told Broadcasting &
, "Fans everywhere have been working hard to encourage either Sci Fi to
renew Farscape or, in the alternative, to have it picked up by another

So far no word on that, although after this season, there will be 88
episodes ready for a possible syndication run.