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Schick to Introduce First Scented Razor for Men

Schick will introduce its newest razor, the Xtreme3 Refresh, the first scented razor for men, reports The New York Times.

it out with scratch-and-sniff packaging, an online marketing campaign
and a partnership with Nascar driver Martin Truex Jr., Schick is hoping
to buck the notion that scented razors would not sell to the male
population, according to the article. For years scented razors have been successfully marketed to
females, but the prevailing thought was they would be deemed "unmanly"
by the male population, the article noted.

razor's scent is said "to evoke the smell of just having showered." The
scent is set to be extremely subtle; only half of male testers even
noticed it. The men who did notice however, gave the razor a higher
rating then the ones who didn't.

help promote its new razor, Schick will be pumping out the scent it was
it calls "refresh stations" that will be set up at 10 sprint cup races
this year.

The way aromas affect consumers, even if its only subconsciously, is the basis for a growing field of scent marketing.

Online ads will start airing June 17 on Facebook, and, the article said.