SBC Picks Set-Top Boxes for IPTV

SBC Communications today announced it will use Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola set-top boxes when it rolls out its Project Lightspeed video services in 2006.
The boxes are capable of displaying signals distributed with Internet Protocol television (IPTV), the method by which SBC, with the help of Microsoft TV, will send out video programming.
SBC said the contracts run through 2008 and give both Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola equal opportunities to serve subscribers with digital video recording and other interactive TV features.
The boxes will also be able to decode video sent via MPEG-4 or VC-1, two next-generation compression algorithms that require 50% of the bandwidth that current standard-definition broadcast-quality video and HDTV delivery systems need. The algorithm also means that Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola DVRs will be able to store twice as much content.

Lea Ann Champion, SBC IP operations and services senior EVP, says SBC will be able send out software upgrades to the boxes giving subscribers additional features and services as they become available.