San Jose's KNTV rebrands

KNTV(TV) San Jose, Calif., which ended last year as an independent and became an NBC
affiliate and finally an NBC-owned station this year, is returning to its roots.
The station will change its brand from NBC3 (its cable position) to NBC11 (its
actual channel assignment).

"While we can still be found on cable channel 3 on most systems,
incorporating our over-the-air channel 11 into our brand will eliminate much of
the confusion we have heard about from viewers in the last few months," the
station said. "Specifically, all of the television listings still list us as
channel 11; if you look up a program you would like to see on our station, you
will not see channel 3 listed. Also, there is already an NBC3 in Sacramento [Calif.],
which some people in the Bay Area can view over the air and on some cable
systems. This has also caused confusion among our viewers."