Samsung To Offer 3D VOD Streaming

New York - Samsung will begin a 3D VOD streaming capability on its 3DTVs beginning in June, according to Tim Baxter, president of the Samsung Consumer Business division.

Samsung"Tim Baxter, president of the Samsung Consumer Business division, at NewBay Media's" Connected TV and 3D" event here May 24.
In his keynote at the Roosevelt Hotel, Baxter said the capability will begin with 3D trailers and will have a "broad service" offering by later in the year.

In a separate announcement Samsung said the Explore 3D app on its 3D LED and 3D plasma TVs is accessible with a single click from Samsung's SmartHub interface, will offer access to dozens of pieces of free 3D content - all in streaming high definition - including trailers from DreamWorks Animation and other studios, music videos, educational content and full-length TV shows from Wealth TV.

Later this year, Explore 3D will also offer access to paid content available in streaming 3D - including feature films and shorts, plus full-length 3D documentaries. The service is available now on all 2010 and 2011 LED Smart 3D TVs and Plasma Smart 3D TVs. Users simply sign up for a new account via any PC.

The Explore 3D application is powered by Rovi Corp. and includes its cloud-based metadata and RoxioNow platform. Rovi currently powers entertainment services for a range of companies, including digital storefronts from Blockbuster and Sears that are also available on Samsung TVs. In addition to supporting Explore 3D, Rovi licenses its interactive program guide, Advertising Services and DivX technologies for use on Samsung devices.

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