Ruiz Exits KNBC

KNBC News Anchor Michele Ruiz is leaving Channel Four to focus on other opportunities. In a statement, she says: "I've done some of my most gratifying work while at KNBC, thanks to the great opportunities I've been given and the impressive team I've been fortunate to work with. As I look ahead, I need to make a change to accomplish my goals." Ruiz's agent says her client has been off the air recuperating from surgery and has decided not to return to KNBC.

A five-time Emmy Award winner and fifteen-time nominee, Ruiz began working for KNBC as a reporter in April 1998. She has been an anchor since October 1999. This year, Ruiz was awarded a Golden Mike for Best Newscast, making her a five-time Golden Mike recipient. Formerly, Ruiz anchored The KTLA Morning News: Early Edition and was a field reporter for the KTLA Morning News from 1991 to 1998.