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RRsat Expands Distribution Network

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. has announced that it is now handling content from over 590 channels around the world, an increase the reflects the company's recent push to expand its network and infrastructure.

As part of that growth, RRsat has intensified its focus on Latin America, which has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets in the work. It recently launched its platform on the Hispasat 1E satellite and is expanding the services it supplies directly to Latin America directly via RRsat's Hawley, Pennsylvania, Teleport.

The company has also seen increased demand for 3D delivery and has been involved in several notable 3D products, including the recent launch of the 3D entertainment HIGHTV in Asia and Europe.

"RRsat's focus has always been to operate firmly in the present with one eye on the future," said Lior Rival, VP of sales and marketing at RRsat in a statement. "We are able to successfully implement this strategy by always being aware of and analyzing the potential of emerging technologies, such as MPEG-4 or 3D, by listening to market demands and going to where the need is greatest, such as Latin America, and maintaining our core underlying services to be at the utmost quality, as we do with our constantly growing hybrid network and playout centers."