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Rosen Apologizes For Logan Tweets

Journalist Nir Rosen has exited his post as an NYU Fellow
and apologized to Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday night following tweets
mocking the brutal attack of CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Egypt.

Rosen told Cooper in an interview he had been a jerk and
there was no defense for the tweets, which dismissively and almost
jokingly suggested Logan was trying to outdo, Cooper, who had been
roughed up during the demonstrations.

Though Rosen had linked to the brief CBS statement on
Logan's attack, he said he had not read far enough to see it had been a
sexual assault. Cooper pointed out that the statement was only a couple
of graphs and that he had a hard time believing

Rosen, also a former fellow at the New America
Foundation, has written about the Middle East for Time, the New York
Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly and numerous others, according to
his New America bio.