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Roku Claims 45% of U.S. Cord Cutters Use Its Ecosystem

Roku stock is back in free-fall mode today, dropping nearly 14% following Comcast's announcement that it’s offering free Xfinity Flex streaming boxes to the more than 7 million broadband customers that don't already take video.

Regardless, Roku claims to still own the cord cutting market, releasing the results from a survey of 7,000 customers suggesting that 45% of all U.S. cord cutters use its OTT ecosystem.

By Roku’s estimation, there are 23.8 million former pay TV subscribers in the U.S. representing about 21% of TV households.

According to the Roku report, titled “A New Generation of Cord Cutters,” 82% of U.S. cord cutters describe themselves as “very” or “extremely” satisfied with their decision to ditch pay TV. And 81% say they have not intention of every going back to a cable, satellite or telco provider. Two-thirds of cord cutters say they wish they’d made the decision to ditch sooner, Roku added.

The company said that nearly half of its users (48%) are former pay TV denizens.