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Roku Finalizing Deal with Apple for AirPlay 2 Integration

Apple and Roku are reportedly close to finalizing a deal that will enable AirPlay 2 support in Roku devices.

This would let users of Roku streaming devices and Roku-powered smart TVs port videos, photos and music directly from iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and other Apple devices to the Roku user interface.

It’s a particularly big win for Roku’s bid to become the dominant operating system of smart TVs. As the Consumer Electronics Show got underway in January, Apple announced AirPlay 2 support for Samsung, LG, Vizio and Sony TVs—a deal thought to have put Roku at a significant disadvantage.

The Roku interface powers smart TVs made by TCL, Sharp, Hisense, Hitachi, Sanyo, and RCA. Those makers would be challenged to remain loyal to Roku if their rivals end up with AirPlay 2 support and they don’t.

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After CES announcement, one investment firm called Roku’s stock “uninvestible.”

News of the Apple and Roku talks comes from MacRumors.

The two technology companies have yet to confirm the agreement.