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Rocky Mountain Cable Association Names New Board

The Rocky Mountain Cable Association (RMCA) has announced its board for the 2015-2016 term, led by org president David Rapson (pictured), who is director of content partnerships at Layer3 TV, an emerging next-gen MVPD based in Denver.

Other RMCA officers tapped for the 2015-2016 term are:

-Vice President: Kat Williams, Comcast Wholesale

-Treasurer: Erin Bryant, Comcast West Division

-Secretary: Katie Milham, Starz

By area, RMCA also announced the following committee chairs:

RMCA Cable Apprentice

-David Groth, Charter Communications

-Tom Pierce, Comcast West Division

-Ron Rizzuto – University of Denver

RMCA HR Liaison

-Dan Myers, Starz

-Brett Hatch, Comcast Mountain West Region

RMCA Industry/SkiTAM Liaison
-Kat Williams, Comcast Wholesale

RMCA Marketing
-Alysen Cowen,  Comcast Mountain West Region

-Adrianne Steiss, CSG Systems

RMCA Member Company Liaison

-Jill Hansen, Sand Cherry Associates

-Dale Knipp, CSG

RMCA Membership

-Ryan Lane – Comcast Mountain West Region

-Stephanie Thibodeau – Outdoor Channel

RMCA PR/Communication
-Michelle Portillo – Starz

RMCA Sponsorship

-Stephanie Thibodeau – Outdoor Channel

RMCA Web Development

-Christy Dougan-Howard – Comcast West Division

-Crystal Allen – Fidelity Communications

The RMCA was established in 2011 as a successor to Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing Rocky Mountains (CTAMRM) chapter. The 2016 RMCA Opening Ceremonies event is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016.

“RMCA serves the needs of the Denver cable community through dynamic educational events on the topics most pressing for the industry” Rapson said, in a statement. “RMCA members can look forward to the 10th anniversary of ‘Cable Apprentice,’ an annual case competition for teams of graduate students from the University of Denver on March 4, 2016. The topic of the case is relevant and timely to programmers, operators and the vendor community. The event will also be an opportunity to recognize those that helped shape both RMCA and the Cable Apprentice."