Rockbot, Clear Channel Team on Airport TV Service

Rockbot Airport TV Network in action in New Orleans.
Rockbot Airport TV Network in action in New Orleans. (Image credit: Rockbot)

Rockbot, a music and video provider to businesses, and Clear Channel Airports, part of outdoor advertising company Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, have launched an airport-terminal "TV experience" aimed at air travelers. The Rockbot Airport TV Network has launched initially in airports in Cleveland, Oakland and New Orleans with a mix of content including business, sports and entertainment news, travel segments and, of course, ads, the companies said last week. 

The service looks to fill in a gap created when the CNN Airport Network shut down this past March after operating in more than 50 airports across the country for 30 years. Rockbot actually replaced the CNN service on the existing infrastructure being used by CNN in markets where Clear Channel Airports had ongoing contractual obligations, a spokesperson said. Rockbot brought its own players to replace the CNN units and is looking to expand into other markets beyond the initial ones. 

There are others operating in the airport space, including ReachTV, but it delivers short-form video programming to airport locations outside of the gate areas that CNN commanded. ReachTV also targets hotels.

Garrett Dodge, the Rockbot CEO, said in a release: "Rockbot’s Airport Media Network reimagines the traveler experience by bringing them high-quality entertainment and news from the leading content brands. For example, the network features live stock market and business coverage from Bloomberg, which is the leader in business news and a perfect fit for the airport audience. In addition, the network delivers real-time cloud-based digital signage to give airports a streamlined ability to message their travelers and prompt their concession partners. Just as air travel is picking up again, we have created a modernized TV environment for airports, advertisers and travelers that will forever elevate the industry standard.”

Rockbot CEO Garrett Dodge

Rockbot CEO Garrett Dodge (Image credit: Rockbot)

In an example of content coming on board tailored to specific airports, Rockbot has signed with Nine PBS in St. Louis to feature Living St. Louis on the Rockbot Airport Network in St. Louis Lambert International Airport, a spokesperson said.

Clear Channel Airports SVP of development John Moyer said in the release: “After vetting a number of content providers for gate hold news and entertainment, we selected Rockbot as our partner. They’ve transitioned in quickly, seamlessly and in a user-friendly way delivering custom local and national content, as well as vital airport partner messaging to these networks. We look forward to working with them across these in-airport TV networks.”

Clear Channel Airports said it operates more than 260 airport media programs globally and is in 28 of the top 50 U.S. markets with major airports.