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Robin Roberts Diagnosed with MDS, Will Continue to Anchor 'GMA'

Good Morning America co-anchor
Robin Roberts has been diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), a disease
of the blood and bone marrow for which she will undergo a bone marrow

Roberts, who is a breast cancer survivor, announced the news
on-air Monday morning and said she will continue to anchor GMA.

"Going forward, it's business as usual at GMA, which means I'll be right here every
day with George, Sam, Josh and Lara," she said. "When I miss a day here or
there, I'm fortunate that some very talented friends at ABC News will
fill in. When I undergo the transplant later this year, I'll miss a chunk
of time."

Roberts said she received the diagnosis the same day that GMA snapped the Today show's 16-year win streak.
She will undergo chemotherapy before receiving the bone marrow transplant from
her sister later this year.

The anchor expressed confidence that she would make a full
recovery: "My doctors tell me I'm going to beat this -- and I know it's true."