Road Trip for Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is getting into the local traffic business.

Beginning May 3, the cable channel will insert local traffic information for five major markets into its “Local on the 8s” weather updates. 

Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas are the inaugural markets, with 23 more markets added by the end of May.

The Weather Channel also plans to integrate traffic reports into its 24-7 local weather services Weatherscan and

The Weather Channel has been expanding its local presence as broadcast stations flex their own local weather muscle.

NBC’s owned-and-operated stations and affiliates carry a 24-7 weather outlet, Weather Plus, on their digital broadcast channels, as well as to 7 million cable subscribers. In addition, some individual stations have created their own weather services.

“Like the weather, traffic patterns play a vital role in the lives of millions of Americans every day,” said Weather Channel President Debora Wilson. 

“We are constantly exploring new ways to add relevant information to our broadcasts and online content offerings. 

Traffic monitoring company Traffic Pulse will provide the information.

Among the company’s services is information on individual lanes on a given highway, speed and volume of traffic, and even the types of vehicles on the road.