Road to Scripps’ ‘Dream Home’ Goes Through Tacoda

Scripps Networks said Tuesday that is using Tacoda Systems' "Audience Management System" to separate more than 36 million entries to the "2004 Home & Garden Television Dream Home Giveaway" into targetable advertiser-friendly segments.

The eighth annual contest ended March 3.

For the first time, HGTV’s Web site ( collected behavioral data about contest entrants to help process them into more than 200 targetable audience segments attractive to future advertisers.

Using Tacoda’s AMS, online entrants were anonymously tracked to determine their interests, as revealed by their online navigation of the HGTV site.

"We will be able to cross-match the demographic data collected during the contest with behavioral data enabled by Tacoda to develop large audience segments that will be of high value to advertisers," Scripps Networks senior vice president of interactive sales Jeff Meyer said in a prepared statement.

"For example, we can segment out people who registered, then returned to the site and visited our kitchen and bath sections," he added. "These visitors will be of particular interest to a range of appliance and fixture marketers. By offering this segmentation, we can assure not only unparalleled buying efficiency, but also a high response rate."