RLTV Expands Berth on FiOS with Multiyear Renewal

RLTV has reached a new carriage accord with Verizon FiOS, an extension resulting in upgraded positioning for the service aimed at those age 50 and older.

With the deal, financial terms of which were not disclosed, RLTV has been added to the FiOS TV Extreme HD package. RLTV has already been available through the telco’s Prime HD, Ultimate HD and Select HD levels of service.

As such, RLTV’s 50+ fare is accessible to more FiOS customers, who can view the network’s fare that traverses relationships, reinvention, rediscovered passions, financial and health care matters, as well as a focus on current events.

"We're honored that Verizon's customers have formed such a strong connection with RLTV over the past six years -- and that Verizon has responded to this demand by delivering RLTV to more of its customers," said Patrick Baldwin, senior vice president of affiliate sales and corporate development. "We are delighted that we can continue to help an industry leader and valuable distribution partner deliver unique programming that speaks to the lifestyle and interests of Generation 50+ - a segment that in a few short years will comprise 50% of the adult population."

Noted Verizon vice president of content strategy and acquisition Terry Denson: "As we continue to add and renew channels in a way that reflects customers' actual viewing patterns, we are pleased to extend our partnership with RLTV. Over the past six years, our customers have shown us that RLTV is a network that delivers content they want to watch."