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Richards Apologizes On Letterman

Michael Richards apologized for his rascist rant at a comedy club last week for during a taping of The David Letterman Show.

Jerry Seinfeld was appearing on the show and said he had asked Richards to also appear--he did so remotely--to try to explain himself, saying he thought Richards deserved the chance.

Ealier in the day, Seinfeld called it a horrible mistake and in essence apologized for Richards for the hurt the comments had caused.

A clearly shaken Richards told the Letterman audience that he was deeply sorry and that he had lost control after being repeatedly heckled during his act.

Richards, who gained fame as Kramer on Seinfeld's hit NBC sitcom, said he was not a racist.

African American patrons of the club--and everybody else--got a different vibe when Richards angrily and repeatedly used the 'n' word in reference to the heckler and made a reference to lynching.