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Report: YouTube Preps Virtual MVPD Launch Update Today

UPDATE: YouTube Makes Virtual MVPD Play

YouTube today might officially announce its move into the virtual MVPD waters.

The Google-owned digital video platform has scheduled a Tuesday afternoon press conference in Los Angeles during which it could announce plans for a service that would offer the live feeds of cable networks similar to services from the satellite-TV providers DirecTV (DirecTV Now) and Dish Network (Sling TV). The New York Postsaid today the expectation was that a broad channel offering in the range of $30-$40 per month was expected to be announced.

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Reports about Google's virtual MVPD offering, dubbed "Unplugged," emerged last spring with talk of offering a skinny bundle of TV services that would feature several of the broadcast networks feed. CBS reportedly signed up this past fall, and at that time Google was said to be in talks with ABC and Fox about taking part.

MCN will update the news after the afternoon press event.